Shih Tzu Names! 50 Cute Examples to Compare

Shih Tzu names just reflecting the cutest thing on them. This is why all the names should be unique and should mean something special.

So here, you will find a list of names that will suit your Shih Tzu perfectly.

Shih Tzu names –50 Cutest ever!

Shit Tzu Names

1. Amber – Hard yellowish fossil Resin. Shih Tzu is, after all, an ancient breed

2. Anya – God’s Grace. They really are, and it is certainly an appropriate Shih Tzu name.

3. Bling – Shiny. The small bling of joy!

4. Bella – Beautiful. This goes even better if your dog is a girl.

5. Cuppy – Small like a cup desert. They are indeed small and sweet.

cuddly - Shih Tzu Names

6. Cookie – ‘Sweet baked biscuits.’ Of course, they are that cute.

7. Desire – When you really wish for something. When you have a Shih Tzu, you couldn’t have wished for anything better.

8. Dew – The bubbles of joy. One of a perfect Shih Tzu name.

9. Elsa – The Disney princess. And so is your baby pup!

10. Easter – Your Shih Tzu Brings happiness too.


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