Shih Tzu Puppy Care Tips: How to Take Care of Your New Pup

Shih tzu puppies are adorable little bundles of joy that require a lot of care. This blog is about things that will help you with your Shih tzu puppy care, including what food they eat, how much exercise they need and more. Come learn everything you need to know to take care of your pup! 

Potty Training Your Shih Tzu Puppy

Potty training should begin around the time that the puppy’s eyes open. A good way to let your pup know where it is okay to go potty is by putting down newspaper on one area of the floor in your home.

When you take off another section of newspaper, this will be where you would like them to potty after that so they get used to going there only. Start off only allowing the pup on newspaper for less than an hour during waking hours just before bedtime overnight when you need it most for time management reasons if nothing else. The more previously “soiled” parts of the paper should be rolled up and replaced with a fresh sheet of newspaper every time you let the pup out.

Shih Tzu Puppy CareLeash Training

The best way is to begin when they are around 4-6 weeks old. It is important not to leave it too late in case you have an independent pup who hates being leashed or dragged along by his collar. Never pull them along quickly or jerk on the leash as this can actually hurt their neck and lead to injuries later in life.

Shih Tzu Puppy Care - Bathing
Photo by Kinshuk Bose

Shih Tzu Puppy Care – Bathing

This can be tricky since puppies do not always like to get wet and they will play around a lot when you try. It is best to slowly introduce them to the water by just letting them play with it or having their feet in it for short periods of time while they eat a treat or chew on a toy.

Gradually increase the length of time until they are happy about being bathed. Do not forget to use high-quality shampoo, preferably one made for dogs specifically, as human shampoo can often dry out their skin. Apply conditioner if their hair is very matted or tangled from playing in dirt but stay away from using too much because this will make their coat greasy and could lead to buildup that requires professional flushing later on

Brushing Your Shih Tzu’s Teeth

This is best if you do it later on in life but the amount of tartar that builds up depends on how often you brush their teeth. It is important to clean them by brushing once they are old enough because doing so after too much time has passed can be difficult and require professional help. Be sure to use toothpaste made for dogs or at least a natural alternative because human toothpaste contains ingredients that are not good for them.

After every meal, give your dog some water and mix baking soda with it until your pup gets used to the taste and begins to like it. Do this before every meal as needed until you sense they would rather have baking soda water than food even when hungry. Also make sure they chew on raw meaty bones that are clean. This will help them to scrape away any plaque on their teeth.

Trimming Your Shih Tzu Pup’s Fur

This will help to maintain the cleanliness of their ears and feet, but leave the hair on top of their head in its natural state because it helps keep the sun off their skin. You should also clip your dog’s nails when they get too long and file them down with a Dremel tool. This is best to do before they get too long so you do not injure your pup. Also, never cut the quick on their nails or this will lead to bleeding which can be very painful for your dog. Once the quick has been cut, applying a styptic powder made for dogs or cornstarch will help stop the bleeding and pain.

Shih Tzu Puppy CareFeeding

You should give your puppy the right amount of food according to its age group. If it is an adult, then you will likely only need to feed them twice per day. However, puppies that are younger than 6 months old would be better off with three meals per day because their digestive system cannot handle anymore.

Also, make sure they get plenty of water, but offer it in a bowl at mealtime so they will drink enough before needing another refill. Make sure you do not overfeed them by giving them more food than they can eat in 10 minutes or this could lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea which may require further medical attention

Make sure you provide fresh water in an easily accessible place at all times so they don’t have to go searching for it themselves!

At first, your pup should only have water when they eat as this helps them to digest their food better. However, once you notice that they were thirsty after a meal and drank enough water to quench their thirst, then it is safe to let them drink whenever they want. You should keep fresh drinking water for your pup at all times and refill the bowl as needed so they do not need to go looking for a drink themselves

Also, you should not put your pup on a dry-food diet because this could lead to hypoglycemia. Dry food is cheap and convenient, but it does not have the right balance of ingredients that a dog needs as an organism for its long-term health which can lead to many health conditions down the road. In general, feeding them moist food made from quality ingredients will go a long way towards helping them maintain a healthy weight and avoid developing serious illnesses so they can live a long and happy life. Always use high-quality food with no corn or wheat, preferably grain-free if possible.

Shih Tzu Puppy Care – Conclusion:

So there you have it, a basic guide to preparing your pup for its new life with you. One that has been around dogs much of their lives can tell when they are not going to be a good match with a person and will recommend someone else if possible.

However, taking the time to interact with your dog and see what kind of temperament it has is worth doing because this will help them to adjust easier or provide insight into how long-term training would go so you know from the start if it is something you want to pursue further. But if all goes well and everyone likes each other, then congratulations! You now have a new furry friend who will stay by your side as long as they live providing unconditional love.


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