11 Human Foods – Safe For Shih Tzus To Eat

human foods safe for shih tzusHuman Foods Safe for Shih Tzus To Eat

Pet owners are always careful about what food they are supposed to give to their Shih Tzu and what they don’t. They are afraid that each human food they serve to their Shih Tzu will wreak havoc on their stomachs.

It is perfectly natural to feel afraid. While things like chocolate are a sure no-no.  No matter how much they ask for it, there are a few food items that you can actually give to your pet as a treat.

The Shih Tzu is actually a great dog to look after, and you are lucky because when it comes to a healthy diet, there is not much you need to exclude from their menu.

Want to know what kind of human food safe for Shih Tzus? Check out our list below:

Human Foods Safe for Shih Tzus 

1. Chicken

Chicken safe for Shih Tzus

Who is not in love with chicken? Apparently, the dogs love it too! This is a great protein substitute for everything and a good replacement for the typical dog products you buy.

Nevertheless, it is important that you serve unseasoned and cooked chicken to your Shih Tzu for their meal. Great if cooked on the grill. You can also give them soft, raw bones to munch on, as an extra treat!

2. Yogurt

Yogurt- safe for shih tzus

Yogurt is yet another protein-rich food that you could offer to your Shih Tzu. In humans, yogurt helps maintain the digestive system and supplies calcium to the bones.

We would recommend plain yogurt instead of any flavoured yogurt that does not contain sweeteners for your Shih Tzu’s health.

You may likewise want to consider if the dog is lactose-intolerant; if so, avoid dairy-containing products.


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