10 Human Foods That Are Safe For Shih Tzus To Eat

Pet owners are always sacred about what food they should give to their Shih Tzu and what not. They fear that any human food they serve up will ruin their stomach. It’s absolutely normal to feel scared. While things like chocolate are an absolute no, no matter how much they beg for it, there are a few food items which you can actually give to your pet as treats. Want to know what they really are? Well, take a good look below.


Here are 10 human food items approved for Shih Tzu’s Health

1. Chicken

Who doesn’t love chicken? Apparently, dogs do too! This is a good protein substitute for everything and a good replacement for the traditional dog food that you buy. However, it is imperative that you serve up cooked and unseasoned chicken to your Shih Tzu for their meal. You can give them raw bones to chew on as treats.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is another protein-rich food that you can serve up to your Shih Tzu. Just like in humans, yogurt maintains the digestive system and provides calcium for their bones too. However, opt for the ones that have no added sugar or sweeteners.

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