10 Mistakes To Avoid As A New Shih Tzu Parent

How can someone not be overwhelmed to see the cuddle pup Shih Tzu running around and chewing things? It is funny and will be adorable until they ruin something important. Yes, if your Shih Tzu training is not proper, there is a high chance that they will grow up to be a disastrous dog!

So, do you want things to be like that? If not, then ensure that you are not making the following mistakes!

10 mistakes new Shih Tzu parents make –

1. Not training from an early age

Your Shih Tzu needs proper professional training. This is the only way to ensure that they are behaving properly and trying to listen to others. Or else, they will grow up doing whatever they want, and you will see much more chewing, wasting things, barking, not listening to you and a lot of mood swings.

2. Feeding them now and then

 Dogs love to eat! But this certainly doesn’t mean that you will give them food whenever they are making that cute puppy face. This is one of the mistakes new Shih Tzu parents make. Moreover, this can lead to other problems like your Shih Tzu becoming overweight, and that again can cause heart diseases, etc.

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