15 Must Know Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Shih Tzu is the most interesting dog breed you will ever see. Yes, they are not only good looking but very smart too! When it comes to sharing a bond with their owner, everyone will say that Shih Tzu is nothing less than a baby who is ‘over the top.’

But, behind that cute fluffy face, there is just so much more. If you already have one or planning to introduce a Shih Tzu in your family, there are some amazing facts about them for you to know.

15 Must-Know Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Here, with these, you will surely know your Shih Tzu better and can connect with them on a higher level.

1. Companion dogs for stress relief

15 Must Know Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

They ace in companionship and will understand when you are happy, sad, angry or stressed.  So if you see, they are suddenly getting too clingy, or they are feeling low, it is your emotion reflecting on them. When you are stressed, playing with your Shih Tzu will feel like bliss!

2. Being loved since ancient time

Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Yes, these are ancient breeds who were one of the firsts to be adopted as house dogs. According to DNA results, they are among the 14 most ancient breeds and are very close to the Wolf family. But, with time their nature and habits altered; they became one of the top names on the ‘most cute canine’ list. They also represented the royal breed in the Ming Dynasty.


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