Meet Sonny, The Incredibly Smart Puppy that Can Identify 10 Different Colors

Incredibly smart puppy? Adorable? Super Talented? Wonder Dog?  Knock-your-socks-off kinda dog? All of these adjectives are appropriate for qualifying a dog like Sonny. While she’s cute and adorable which are qualities you can’t take away from her, Sonny is also talented in an amazing way.

After having been trained, little adorable Sonny was presented with a range of colors and was asked to identify them after their names were called out. Surprisingly, she passed the test by identifying all 11 colors. Although at one point she almost faltered with a little confusion with pink, she scaled through by getting it right.

Sonny, the smart puppy, was also able to identify the color of the sun, the color of a pumpkin, the color of grass and the color of the sky accurately.

It would also interest you to learn that she never hesitated in selecting the colors. She never thought about them. She just identified with a unique level of certainty to the amazement of her instructor.

In the end, she was given a treat as her reward. Sonny deserves more for her smartness and we can’t help but marvel at her sheer talent that is rare.

There are some tangible qualities that make a puppy attractive and lovable. Smartness comes to topmost trailed by its furs that are smooth to feel and definitely, it’s cuteness. Sonny has got it all. He is a beautiful and smart puppy. Yeah, your socks are going to get blown off by yours truly Sonny.


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