14 Shih Tzus you must definitely follow on Instagram!

Shih Tzus you must definitely follow on Instagram!

Shih Tzu, you know what is the synonym for this breed of dog? ‘Adorable’ is the word! From their beady sparkling eyes to that cute blunt nose and of course their so many expressive-moody-expression – everyone loves it. But what if you don’t have a Shih Tzu, will you miss all those cute little behaviours? Absolutely Not! You can follow some fluffy cute Shih Tzus on Instagram (Yes, you can take that sigh of relief finally!)

14 Shih Tzus on Instagram you must follow now!

 Here are the celeb Shih Tzus that have thousands of followers on Instagram –

1. @marinethedog

14 Shih Tzus you must definitely follow on Instagram!

Marine The Dog is an adorable Shih Tzu who has more than 134,000 Instagram followers! More than that, Miley Cyrus and Jonah Hills are also following this adorable fur baby. To your surprise, before Marine became an online sensation, she was a rescued dog. How can someone leave a pup like this? But thank God, this baby is now in safe hands.

2. @bobby_the_shihtzu

Bobby is a mama’s, darling. There are so many cute pictures that will just melt your heart. He is also called Bobby ‘Rabbit-Tzu’, because of the jumpy nature of the pictures. This cute Shih Tzu jumps all the time and loves to sip some cappuccino.

3. @dailydougie

Shih Tzu Meet one of the cutest Shih Tzus on Instagram – Daily Dougie. He is breathtakingly adorable. This munchkin has several followers, and they simply love his joyful adventurous attitude that makes them fall in love with him. And he LOVES napping! Dougie, the Shih Tzu on Instagram, has more than 400,000 fans.


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