15 Must Know Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

5. Bundle of warmth

warmth - Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

In ancient times, because Shih Tzus have such long hair, they were like hand and feet warmers for people. And if you cuddle them, you will certainly know how literal their warmth is.

6. Sensitive to heat

sensitive to heat -  Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Already their body heat and the temperature are higher than other breeds due to those long hairs. One of the facts about Shih Tzus is that they suffer from heat strokes. So, during hot summers, it is best to keep them in an air conditioner for most of the time.

7. Humanly Snore

Humanly Snore -Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

Your paw friend can actually snore like you. Yes, they can snore pretty loudly because their nasal and air pipe is a bit smaller than other breeds. So, if your pup is snoring, don’t freak out, it is quite natural. Just remember, do not tie their collar tightly.

8. Sacred Breed

sacred breed -Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

In many Buddhist temples, monks considered keeping this breed as pets as they are considered sacred. According to legends, Shih Tzu accompanied Buddha on his journey on earth. In many temples, you will see them rolling the wheel of bells during prayers.

9. Style Icons

Style Icons -Facts about your loving Shih Tzu!

They need and love grooming. Trim their hair, tie it, do any style and they will love it! So keep them clean and groomed.


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