Dougie The Shih Tzu Is Not In The Mood To Play

Shih Tzu is known for being a toy canine who is extremely friendly, curious and playful. But do you know that even they can have mood swings? Yes, they are exactly like babies. If something is happening and your Shih pup does not like that, they can easily get extremely upset, angry, and cranky. But, no matter what they do, they are hands down adorable.

5 Shih Tzu mood swings that you should be aware of!

Angry – Yes, they can get angry pretty quickly! Make sure you don’t force them or push them too hard to do something. This can cause a negative effect and can make your pup really angry. They can SNARL too! But not sure if they can make it look scary!

Depression – Shih Tzu mood swings happen more often if they are depressed. Make sure you deal with it at an early stage before things get out of hand!

When they are hungry – This is more visible in pups. They just cannot deal with hunger. They will bark, do tricks to make you treat them and many more things. So, you better make sure that they are not hungry if you don’t want to get everything chewed off!

The googly eyes of begging – If your Shih pup wants something, they will know the way to get it. From those cute stares to literal begging, anything can happen. In case you are not going to give it, God bless your will! Their alluring cuteness will make it very difficult for you to say no!

I don’t care – They can be lazy, really lazy. If your Shih Tzu is not willing to do something, it is extremely difficult to make them do it. Do you want to see the swag they have in saying “I don’t care”?

Check this video then –

Now that you know about Shih Tzu mood swings, you will understand them much better!


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