Grooming Guide – Grooming a Full Coated Shih tzu

The Shih Tzu is a lovely little dog whose captivating expression is crowned by a beautiful, long coat. Usually, one can hear people wondering what a difficult, complicated, time-consuming task the coat needs to be.

It’s especially important to get the puppy used to grooming. It will usually take a couple of minutes to groom the puppy, but these minutes are a very important practice for the future. Often the puppy doesn’t want to stay still while grooming, but that doesn’t mean the puppy can’t be trained. The Shih Tzu is a smart dog that learns the basics of grooming very quickly with the help of regular practice.

It’s necessary to practice grooming and to stay still after the first puppy could play and rage. This way, the puppy is going to be more peaceful and easier to manage. The puppy should be used to being treated in the same place, maybe even on a table, so that the owner does not have to crouch.

The table should not be designed, especially for trimming. Any kind of table will take place as long as the firm surface is used so that the puppy can feel secure to be able to sit and stand firm. When the puppy is sitting quietly, groom the hair with a brush or a comb.

Use your spare hand to hold the puppy delicately but tightly.

Grooming Guide


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