Shih Tzu – MoMo’s Allergy Battle & Grooming Guide

MoMo has skin issue (excessive paw licking and face rubbing) for a while now and we recently changed vet to get a second opinion and different treatment plan.

The vet said she might have both food and environmental allergy so MoMo is on food trial right now. The vet also suggested washing MoMo’s paws with a special shampoo (ProHex – Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiseptic) to reduce any fungus, bacteria that cause itchiness etc. So far, I have been washing her paws daily after the walk for about 4 weeks now (since June 15, 2019).

Today I made a video to share the method of how I quickly doing the paw/face daily cleaning for under 15 mins instead of washing the whole body. Hopefully, owners that have skin issue fur babies will benefit from this.

How to Wash Paws Daily Routine


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