The 7 Best Haircuts For Shih Tzus

What are the best haircuts for Shih Tzus?

If you are fortunate enough to own a Shih Tzu puppy or dog, you are already aware that this breed is famous for its affectionate and playful personality, as well as its loving temperament. You likewise know that their beautiful coat–which hangs straight down naturally like an adorable mop–could heavily shed, easily tangle, and be really uncomfortable for your dog.


It could also cause overheating during warmer days, which is actually dangerous to your Shih Tzu’s health. This is due to the fact that these dogs have a long, double coat that could trap heat and needs regular grooming. The solution? Shih Tzu haircuts.

Dogs from this breed are usually recognized by their long, glorious flowing coats, which consumes a lot of time and takes real effort to maintain properly.

Oftentimes, Shih Tzu owners go for a different haircut for their pet; a style that could be a little more convenient to handle, or maybe one that could be more comfortable for their Shih Tzu.

There are several choices when it comes to Shih Tzu haircuts, and the haircut style that you pick depends on your lifestyle and your personal preference.

Shih Tzus have a lot options when it comes to their haircuts. The haircut style that you pick for your Shih Tzu pup relies a lot on the effort and time that you’re ready to put into keeping it.


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