Fun Loving Shih Tzu Loves To Bark

I just want to play. With you or by myself.”

This is exactly what you will see your Shih Tzu doing. There is nothing that can ever bore them. Only if they could talk, you would know there are very few moments of dullness in their life and they will not let you be sad too.

As far as pet and owner relationship is concerned, with a Shih Tzu, you can never share a formal bond. They just know the way to be close to your heart. If you have a Shih Tzu at home, he is a blessing to your family.

So, talking about their playful nature, it is almost like the fact that Shih Tzu is extremely playful and they will simply not sit in one place. Even if you do nothing but just staring at them, it is enough of entertainment. With a nature like this, how can you even expect them to sit quietly?

Wonder what makes your Shih Tzu better than you? They don’t feel lonely easily, neither will they let you feel lonely while you are around him. Want to see how busy Shih Tzu can be all by them? Check this video –

While they stick to their playful nature, don’t forget to keep a bowl of water handy. If they feel thirsty, they can simply go and gulp some water. Moreover, it is better to keep them in a cool environment and not keep under the sun during summer days. Of course, you can’t stop them from playing; so, keep them inside the house.

Whatever be it, don’t forget to click some great pictures and make videos.

Do you want to how they can cheer you up too? Know about the powers your Shih Tzu has!

Shih Tzu is a budding energy fur ball who will never let you feel lonely. At times even if you want to! No matter if you are in the kitchen or washroom, sitting, reading or sipping coffee – your Shih Tzu paws will keep on following you.

Forget loneliness; you will never be depressed also! Not because they are always around to cheer you up; rather, when they stare at you, your body releases oxytocin that is also known as the ‘love chemical’ and helps you to fight depression.

Sheer happiness and love altogether packed in a full ball walking on all fours and spreading sheer happiness. Your Shih Tzu is bliss in your life; spend more time with him, play well and add bling of happiness in life.


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