Amazing Facts about the Black and White Shih Tzu

The black and white Shih Tzu is just too cute. Unlike many dog breeds that are limited to a few coat colors, the Shih Tzus aren’t. For many Shih Tzu dog lovers, this is the perfect mixed breed. The best of two worlds, the black Shih Tzu and the white Shih Tzu.

In case you are new to this breed, this is currently one of the world’s most loved pets. This owing mainly to its ever-loving nature. They are nothing short of a beauty to watch. The Shih Tzu is a small but tough dog with a lush, long, double hair coat.

The Shih Tzu is an ancient breed and has a long history as a lap dog to nobles. Initially, all trades of this breed were prohibited. It was in the 19th century it made its way into Europe through visiting diplomats in china.

These delightful little canines have been a huge hit both in the show ring and the home surroundings thanks to their gorgeous looks and sweet, although energetic and often naughty natures.

Black and White Shih Tzu


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