8 Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

The requirements of a younger dog are very different from that of a senior dog. It takes very little time for a young Shih Tzu pup to grow into a full-grown dog and eventually grow old.

It is not a surprise that a dog should age, but the process is so inevitably fast that it does catch the owner by surprise.  The challenges posed by a senior dog are very different.

As they grow old, they desire to be more comfortable. Wondering how you can ease up this transition? Well, you can follow the tips listed below to take care of your little pet.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

1. Make them exercise

exercise -Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

Cutting for exercises and activities out of their schedule is not beneficial. Senior dogs want to be cozy and laze around! But doing this too much will add to their list of ailments. They don’t need to sprint around the park but ensure that they at least indulge in some playtime or a walk, sometime during the day.

2. Watch the weight

Watch the weight - Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

When you are caring for a senior dog, it is important that you watch their weight. Many Shih Tzu will want to overeat as they grow older and become obese. The extra weight pressurizes the joints and causes various diseases. So, be cautious about how much they eat and how much weight they put on.

3. Whip up a nutritious diet

Whip up a nutritious diet - Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

Are you sure that your dog is getting the high-quality nutrients that are required for his age? Did you read the food label? A Shih Tzu’s dietary requirements change when they grow old. They require more amount of vitamins and minerals to sustain them in their old age. So, make sure that the food you get has all the vital nutrients. Also, ensure that it has fatty acids, DHA and EPA.

4. Keep them warm

Keep them warm - Tips To Take Care Of Your Senior Shih Tzu

It is essential that you keep your Shih Tzu has comfortable as possible. At an old age, they might feel that they are not warm enough. Add an extra blanket to ensure that they are. If they are not comfortable sleeping on the floor anymore, then get a dog bed that is fluffy and cozy.


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