Amazing Facts about the Black and White Shih Tzu


The first feature you’ll notice about this breed is its long silky hair. Its well-rounded eyes and its small structure. It is mostly classified under the toy group.

This is due to its size being 8 to 11 inches in height and weighing 9 to 16 pounds. Their head is usually long, having a lot of width between their eyes.


This breed’s attentive, self-confident, spirited, and bold character make it a much-loved among toy dog fanatics. They can be very possessive and tend to bark at strangers.

Although, they warm up easily once such strangers are identified and allowed into their homes.

Grooming and Care

It is observed that black Shih Tzu is apprehensive about taking their first bath. Experts, therefore, advise those novice owners if necessary take them to proper grooming facilities.

There the owners can see and be educated best practices in grooming their cute companions.

Grooming and Care


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