12 Human Behaviors That Annoy Shih Tzus

Human behaviours that annoy Shih Tzus

Do you get annoyed by your Shih Tzu at times when they are not listening or doing something that you don’t approve? Of course yes. This is the same for your Shih friend too! There are many human behaviours that annoy Shih Tzus, knowingly or unknowingly that are absolutely disliked by them. Want to know what those are? Read on to know!

If you are doing any of these, then don’t blame later if your Shih Tzu ‘Unfriends’ you.

1. Expecting them to be always obedient

Human Behaviors That Annoy Shih Tzus
A girlie shih tzu

They are dogs after all; you just cannot expect them to be obedient all the time. It will surely irritate them a lot. If you keep on telling them what to do, what not to do, not to bark, then you still didn’t realize that your Shih Tzu is also a canine.

2. Not allowing them to have treats

Human Behaviors That Annoy Shih Tzus - Not allowing them to have treats

What??? Saying no to this is like someone saying to you, ‘don’t have pizza’! If there are leftover chicken steaks or other tasty treats on the table, be sure those will magically vanish. If you don’t want them to do it, then keep it out of their reach so that they cannot see, smell or get it.

But you can be lenient sometimes, can’t you?


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