Dougie The Shih Tzu Loves Grooming!

Do you like grooming sessions, haircuts and blow-dry? Did you know your Shih Tzu loves that too! This cute honeybunch loves to get groomed and look nice. Unlike most of the other breeds, they don’t really nag to take a bath or get their hair cut done. Rather, they enjoy that attention.

Surprising, right? Being a dog, it likes to take a bath and get groomed? Check how comfortable and cutely they react to blow-drying their coat – 

But until that, there are certain things that you need to do at home to make sure that they stay clean and well-kept.

Grooming Tips

The first thing that is crucial is brushing their hair coat. As it is not fur, it is very easy for it to get knotted and matted. To avoid such situation, best if you brush their coat twice regularly.

Secondly, you don’t need to give your Shih Tzu frequent baths. Once in a month is fine or if it is very hot, then twice a month is also good enough. This is because there are natural oils in their body and frequent washing can make the coat lose its lustre. However, that does not mean, even when they are dirty; you will not give them a bath.

Thirdly, do not use human shampoo and soap. Shih Tzu hair texture is different from ours. So, make sure that you get their bathing or grooming kit by vet’s recommendation or from some pet shop.


Stay away from the whiskers! This is the fourth advice. Those are very sensitive, so do not fiddle with them as it can hurt pretty bad. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that, do not cut or trim their nails at a very young age. Always recommend a vet before doing that for the first time; take them to some professional who will do it.

Now, with all these tips, keep grooming your Shih Tzu love safely!


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