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What do you expect from the Shih Tzu regarding attitude and personality? What are the silly things that this breed is likely to do? How does the Shih Tzu personality come into play about what your life will be like when you bring this adorable dog breed to your home?

Every litter is distinctive, and every puppy in the litter is unique in its own way. A Shih Tzu puppy can be curious, and sampling almost anything he sees, but minutes later, all he likes to do is rest comfortably on your lap.

We get a lot of puppies. Kisses here, and we believe that kisses are the way the puppy shows affection and love.  Shih Tzu dogs are always so quick to greet their special person.  They may be in a sound sleep, yet alert and eager to see you in a split second.

Shih Tzu Puppies Temperament and Personality Traits

They follow you all over the place, hence the nickname, Velcro Dog.  They want your attention, but if you can’t give in at the moment, they’re just as happy to rest at your feet or at least in the vicinity.

Some Shih Tzu puppies are incredibly outgoing and friendly to anyone they meet.  Others are a little more cautious.  Some may even be considered shy.  The environment plays a big part in shaping these behavioral patterns but does not underestimate genetics as well.

When placed in a house full of children, the Shih Tzu demonstrates just how playful he can be. These dogs seem to have an uncanny ability to know what we want even before we know.

When placed in a child-filled house, the Shih Tzu shows just how playful he can be. These dogs seem to have an incredible ability to know what we want before we know.

Source: funny animal world


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