Wild Adorable Puppies

The tiny Shih Tzu is the perfect canine companion. Initially bred for Chinese royalty, this little guy (Wild Adorable Puppies) still considers himself a dog prince. A real sweetheart, his purpose in life is to love and to be loved.

Shih Tzus have a tendency to like dogs and children. They love play dates, and being around them could be therapeutic to some people. When it comes to other pets, though, some Shih Tzus, like cats, and some, don’t; it seems to be an individual preference rather than a race trait.

He’s playful and, at times, mischievous. He will steal your shoes. He might want you to chase  him down after he stole them. On the other hand, if he wants them, he could also bury them. He’s not above taking other dogs’ toys, however.

A lot of pet parents consider their dogs to be canine family members, as opposed to ‘just a pet,’ and Shih Tzu is no exception. This breed loves to be spoiled, and it usually enjoys soaking up the attention.

Usually, they like to be very involved in family life. Most of them are happy when taken along to run errands, to take part in outings, or even to take part in activities such as hiking or boating.

That said, they can also enjoy having their own space, and they may find constant cuddles a little too smothering.

Nevertheless, having other dogs is usually not a matter of concern, as a Shih Tzu generally does well with canines of every size (both those in the household and those outside the home). Even though your Shih Tzu is particularly clingy and close, it may be best to limit other pets.

Source: Shih Tzus are the Best


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