Shih Tzu | Breed Judging 2020

Shih Tzu | Breed Judging

Charming, happy, friendly, and outgoing, They are also seldom stubborn – which is not specified in the breed standard – but may be obvious when a puppy does not want to stand still or walk on the exam table, but happily wags his tail at the judge. They just know you’re going to love them even if they’re not acting right now! New judges of the breed must set aside any susceptibility to the “cute” factor and look for those best suited to the written standard.

Shih Tzu | Breed Judging

Judging the Shih Tzu can be a challenging task for a newly-approved breed judge. Since the Shih Tzu is a heavily coated breed, one must take extra care during the hands-on examination. During the gaiting process, confusion may arise as a result of the flowing coat, which can create illusions, both positive and negative.

Often only good examples of the breed can be seen in these sessions.

The reality of judging is that most of the time, one has to pass judgment on, let’s say, less than spectacular examples of the breed.

Shih Tzu should be lively, outgoing, proud, alert, affectionate, trusting, and friendly  – in a sound, smooth moving, ‘arrogant’ package. As you judge, may you enjoy this adorable breed!

Source: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


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