The Smiling Shih Tzu Puppy

Smiling Shih Tzu puppy? Puppies love to play when they are excited and not cranky. That’s a given, except for the timid ones who need time to possibly adapt to their new environment.

But, here we have a puppy who’s not just so playful, but loves to smile along. In this video, the puppy is held up high by a woman who is seen laughing.

Well, who wouldn’t find the sight of a smiling puppy laughable? She asks the puppy to smile, and the puppy smiles for a moment and returns to his usual facial expression. Repeats the smile and reverts back.

And the circle just continued till the end of the video.

There’s a kid laughing in the background, she probably is the one filming but can’t help herself with the laughter equally and there’s another laughter in the background coming from another lady who’s having a gorgeous time, courtesy of a smiling Shih Tzu puppy.

Beyond just smiling which is a rare sight for puppies, this puppy is funny as well. The way she alternates from her smile to her usual facial expression shows she’s smart and that she has a heightened sense of humour.

She would have just continued smiling – we’re still amazed at how she manages to achieve that by the way but decides to add humour to it which lights up the surrounding atmosphere.

This puppy is a happy one and we’re blown away by her beautiful smile.

What a puppy!


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