Puppy Gates Don’t Hold This Shih Tzu Back!

Toby, a creative and sneaky Shih Tzu didn’t very much like being barred with Puppy Gates , so every day his owners would come home to find that he had escaped the barricade but couldn’t figure out how! So, in an attempt to understand, the owners decided to set up a hidden camera and were hilariously surprised to see how he did it!

As you can see from the above video, Toby paces around the edge of the gate for a bit before standing up against it to make sure no one was watching. Toby then paced around in a circle and stepped up against the gate once again. He started hopping up and down, almost as if he was trying to jump the gate but wasn’t sure if he was able to make it over. He then got a bit braver to the point where he was getting his front paws over the top of the barricade.  He continued doing this hopping method until he was angled enough against the gate and the wall and was able to push himself over.

Puppy Gates
Puppy Gates
Image by Anita S.

Later on in the video, you can see Toby pawing at the left-hand bottom corner of the gate. After doing this for awhile, Toby was able to get his paws through the bottom corner and slowly work his entire body through.


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