Shih Tzu Staring At The Camera Is The Cutest Thing To See

So, what do you expect your bundle of joy to do when he faces a camera? Your Shih Tzu is so smart that he’ll bend his head in the cutest manner and will pose for you. Yes, your Shih baby is a big-time poser! If you thought they are camera shy, then you are still to know a lot about your Shih Tzu.

What are the cutest things the paw poser does while looking at the camera? They can get really creative. From sticking out their tongue to winking and blinking; they have mastered it all. But wait, your Shih is not done yet!

There are very few things which are as cute as watching your Shih Tzu posing.”

If you have a poser puppy, why don’t show the world what your cuddle pup can do? Click – Pick – Post! Spread a smile on everyone’s face. Before moving on to what are the brilliant pics to click, here is something for you to look at –

How adorably Romeo will tilt his head!  Such a candid cuddle!

Now, helping you to create your Shih Tzu portfolio. First, you need to ready your pup to face the camera without any fear. Once the camera shyness is over, you can see the real fun side of your pup.

The next thing is to get your Shih Tzu all decked up! Bows to ties, anything looks adorable on them. You can try different hairstyles and see the glamorous side of your puppy.

Cute Dog

A quick tip: If you want to fluff up the fur, try blow-drying. It’s simple, and your doggo will love getting a blow-dry.

Also, you can teach your paw poser to do some tricks. It is just stunning. After all, you must not waste your Shih Tzu’s talent. Believe it or not, they are real quick learners.

Your Shih Tzu is ready to pose! Click as many pictures you want and post them. Make videos of your doggo showing tricks to impress and other cute little habits. It will brighten up every viewer’s mood.

Before you start doing it, there is some advice for you. Don’t click pictures too close with a flash. Make sure not to force them to do something. It can scare them, and your funny puppy will turn into a freaky one. So, avoid being too pushy to make him an internet celeb!

Keep it candid. That is the best thing to do. So, get your Shih Tzu all decked up to pose the best.


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