Shih Tzu Reacts Hilariously On First Encounter With Stuffed Lion Toy

Shih Tzu Reacts Hilariously

“Is this real? I am scared. No, I’ll scare that thing. Oh! This is so confusing. Do you love it more than me? Tell me! Tell me!” And this can go on…

When you bring something new in front of your pup, this is the first reaction you will face. Be another animal or a new toy; they just need to know all about it. Especially, when you bring a new stuff toy which looks like another animal, their level of interest goes even higher.

Your curious puppy will not give up till he knows all about the new toy. Sniff – lick – push – Bite, it’s all a part of them being Indiana Jones. True story!

Shih Tzu Reacts Hilariously

The series of the barks followed by two steps back will speak all for their brave nature (even when they are pretending to be brave, it is extremely funny).

Coming back to their voracious act of braving a stuffed toy. After a few barks, they will preferably go back and make the distance longer (it’s better to be safe is exactly what they follow). For some safety measures, you know! And if your Shih Tzu Bravo feels that barking is not good enough, they will move on to the next stage.

Enters the ‘Sniff’ master. They will sit closely, sniff and try to analyze if there is any harm or not around. It is Shih Tzu style detection. Then there will be few direct stares at the puppy followed by an overtly blunt expression.

Now, these are a few things that you just can’t miss.

Once your Shih Tzu is done passing stare, it is time for ATTACK! A cute paw slap, with some nudging and useless biting. There is no doubt that they try to act all tough, but simply fail to portray the same.

Want to get a glance at what they can do? Check out this video – 

After doing these great deeds don’t think your fur friend will stop there. Either they will make it their best friend or simply never look back at it.

Just some Shih Tzu Things!

If you have a Shih Tzu, then it is better to accept the fact that your Shih Tzu will never be the tough guy! They will always be the friendly one. But, there is something that they can do better than anyone else; to love you unconditionally.

When you have an adorable cutie pie with you, never miss a chance to capture all these funny-sweet moments. Make some crazy video and later on watch them have a good laugh. And if you want to make your Shih Tzu feel more confused, show it to them.

Have fun!


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