Lacey Goes Nuts Playing With Halloween Pumpkin Toy

Talking of bravery, your Shih Tzu has it all! Don’t believe it? You will be surprised to know how fiercely it can fight a stuffed Halloween Pumpkin toy! Once you see the aggression and effort to chew a small ball Halloween, you will be convinced that they deserve the name ‘Lion – Son’ (This is what Shih Tzu means in Chinese).

Next time you fear a ghost or spirit, just call for your Shih Tzu guard and your job will be done. Wait, there is just one thing left to mention regarding their brave fight – don’t expect this to last more than 4 to 5 minutes. Shih Tzu is extremely moody and can just lose interest in one thing pretty easily.

Even if their friend is in the room and lying quietly, your Shih Tzu will not participate in the ‘poise party.’ As a small breed, they have high energy and curious nature. If you want to know what is the next best thing they love apart from having treats id to play.

Don’t believe it? Check out this adorable video –

When discussing something as interesting as Shih Tzu personality traits, you have to know a few things about them. They are ancient Chinese breed and are accustomed to living in cold weather. You must keep this in mind.

Next, Shih Tzu is like kids, extremely moody. In one instance they will be playful, and in the very next moment, they will run away to find something more interesting. This means, you as a Shih Tzu parent have to keep up with all their tantrums and mood swings.

Shih Tzu has the best ‘, toy friend’. They will have one toy of their choice that they don’t want to part with. Make sure, most of the toys that you give are safe for your fur baby. You don’t want them to fall sick or hurt my chewing on something unhygienic.

Do you think your Shih Tzu is possessive? Yes, they are. If you ever see your Shih baby getting acting weird to see any other animal around you; the reason can very well be jealousy. They hate the idea to share you with anyone.

Impatient. By nature, they are impatiently but with you, never. They are not only energetic and curious but also impatient. Entertaining them constantly can be tough, but then again, Shih Tzu is also the king of ‘self-entertainer.’ They always manage to find ‘something’ out of ‘nothing.’

If you have a Shih Tzu, prepare for all these and more!


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