Shih Tzu Puppies Relax with a Sound Track

Humans aren’t the only ones who unwind with tunes, especially tunes that resonate with them.

Here in this video, two extremely furry puppies of the Shih Tzu puppies relax to a tune being played in the background.

From all indications, they aren’t allergic to the sounds rather they feel at home with it and one of them takes the feeling to a whole a new level.

He rotates from side to side, leans on his partner and lays his back on the floor leaving his legs and hands on the air kicking at space.

All of this is indicative of the fact that the track is really finding it’s way to the soul of this furry pet.

The other is just there, feeling indifferent but certainly not bored by it. Well, puppies have different ways of expressing themselves even as same could be said of humans.

These furry puppies (perhaps the furriest of their kind as only their eyes are visible) are sure to have the relaxation of their lives.

What a great way to unwind in their lone time. Chances are, they might get used to the tune in the background and attachments are inevitable when they arrive at this point.

So this becomes their signature relaxation tune and when their owner is out, leaving them all by themselves, they find a worthy companion to compensate for the absence of human company.

These furry creatures are music lovers and that’s something unique.


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