Jacko The Interactive Puppy

In this video, Jacko the smart and interactive puppy is playful and obeys instructions to the latter.

It’s an adorable sight to find a puppy that’s interactive and responds rapidly. You just can’t help but fall in love with her and give her treats with reckless abandon.

So as you watch, you’ll find Jacko playing with a small teddy, the teddy looks sort of worn-out – might have been worn out by Jacko’s fiddling and playing.

Jacko hears and understands a language that sounds like Spanish. Her instructor calls and she obeys by leaving the teddy and going to sit before the instructor who’s a lady.

She tells her to bark and Jacko barks twice. She then orders Jacko to go bring her teddy as she points behind Jacko. Jacko obliges and brings the teddy before her.

She orders Jacko to sit again while taking the teddy from her. Jacko obeys. The instructor stretches her hand forward and asks Jacko to shake it, which she does.

The instructor then raises a small treat up and Jacko looks up to it while rolling on her back across the floor as she follows the direction of the treat. But the instructor won’t give her the treat, instead, she asks Jacko to shake her again, then she sets the treat before her, a little distant.

The instructor points to treat and counts one to three. By sheer instincts, Jacko responds after the count of three by rushing to eat the treat.

Jacko is indeed a smart learner and an interactive puppy.


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