ZaiZai Pedicure – Paw Hair Trimming + Nail Clipping & Grinding

ZaiZai Pedicure

Pets need proper grooming not only to look good but also to live happy and long lives. The trimming of nails is part of the dog’s grooming method. Allowing your dog’s nails to grow excessively long causes them to break, which could be painful and might lead to infection.

You should clip your dog’s nails every two weeks. Even so, they also get figures in the equation for the amount of exercise. How about that? Dogs that spend almost all of their time inside require frequent nail clips, while dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors do not need constant trims.

Nail trimming is beneficial if a small amount is removed weekly, rather than waiting for the nail to be really long and trying to remove a huge portion. It is because the quick, which grows longer with the nail, will be closer to the surface if trimming is postponed, and will be more likely to bleed during trimming.

Hard floors are also excellent sources to recognize when to trim your dog’s nails. When you hear a click when they walk on the floor, that is a sure sign that their nails need to be trimmed.

When correctly trimmed, the dog’s nails should not touch the ground when the dog steps down. However, if they were very overgrown in the past, it may take a few weeks to attain this result.

It may take some time with stubborn puppies. But if you are consistent and firm and nail trimming will sooner or later become a fun part of the grooming phase, rather than an unpleasant chore.

Source: 2cute2shihtzu


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