Shih Tzu Barking and Playing with Robotic Toy Dog

Lacey is a young Shih Tzu who lives with her two owners. She is a friendly and playful dog, and loves to meet people and make new friends. 

One day, her parents are out shopping for the day. They head to a pet store to buy some more food and treats for Lacey. At the shop, they walk past the toy aisle and spot a toy that they’ve never seen before – a robotic dog. They reckon this would be a fun toy for Lacey to play with, and they are keen to see how she would react to it. Whenever they are out for walks, Lacey gets along well with other dogs. But a robotic dog? This will be something new for all of them. 

When they get home, they set up the robotic dog in the kitchen and call Lacey into the room. She comes running over, but suddenly stops when she sees the dog. She sniffs cautiously at it, a million thoughts running through her little head. “What kind of dog is this? It looks like me but smaller. Is this a new friend?”. 

The robotic dog starts moving and Lacey’s reflex is to bark at it. She is slightly confused, and jumps backwards in shock when the dog does a backflip. “What is this crazy creature!” she thinks. As the robotic dog walks, sits and performs tricks, Lacey can’t help but get excited. She thinks that her new friend is so cool, and wags her tail in delight. She wants to learn all these new tricks too, and decides that this dog can stay in her home. Shih Tzu

What do you think of Lacey and her friend? Watch the full video of the Shih Tzu barking and playing with a robot:


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