Shih Tzu Puppies Taking a Nap

Milly, Jojo, and Biba are Shih Tzu siblings. They have a special bond and are inseparable. They all live together with their owners, who treat them like their own children. They buy the siblings’ toys, foods and treats, and often take them out for walks around the park and woods. Milly, Jojo, and Biba are happy and content with their life, and couldn’t ask for anything more.

The siblings always wake up at the same time each morning. They have breakfast together, and always make sure they wait for the other one to finish before they go and play. One day, the siblings wake up full of energy. They rush to the window to check the weather, but to their disappointment, it’s grey and cloudy. They already know what that means – no playing outside! The disappointment doesn’t last long though. There are still plenty of things they can do indoors. 

Milly, Jojo, and Biba decide to play a game of explorers. They pretend that they have just discovered an uninhabited island, and they are the first dogs to arrive. The siblings have a large bed that they share, and they use this as their island. They run around the bed and dive under the blankets, pretending to climb trees and dig holes in the sand.  

Soon, Milly, Jojo, and Biba get exhausted from exploring their treasure island. They collapse on the sand under some palm trees (or under their blankets) and quickly fall asleep. Their little paws twitch as they dream about paddling in the sea and adventuring around their island. It’s a treasure to see these Shih Tzu puppies taking a nap. They almost hope that it’s going to be another rainy day tomorrow, just so that they can play in their treasure island again!

Check out these Shih Tzu Puppies taking a nap here:



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