Senior Dog Rescues: Found His New Family

When people talk about adopting a dog, they usually mean adopting puppies. It’s not as common to adopt older dogs, because they’re not as active or playful as puppies, or they might need certain medication. However, this is not always the case. Senior dogs can be great companions and are usually ready to accompany you on a long walk or play fetch, as they don’t require leash training. Senior dog rescues can be very rewarding.

At the ripe old age of 12, Morty is a senior Shih Tzu dog. He was recently rescued and adopted by the Whitecotton family. When he first arrived at their home, he surprised everyone by not being shy at all. In fact, he settled in really quickly to his new home as if he had lived there for years, and immediately became best friends with his new owners and the other senior dogs who lived there. 

Although he may be old, he is far from boring. Morty loves to get outdoors whenever possible, and his favorite days are the ones where his owners take him on walks. He loves being surrounded by people, and these walks are a great bonding time for him, as he gets to explore nature with both his human family and his doggo family. 

Although he likes getting outdoors, Morty is a peaceful Shih Tzu and has a calm temperament. He enjoys chilling out on the sofa when his owners are watching TV, or sitting with them while they do their homework. Being an older dog, he doesn’t constantly ask for attention or jumps around energetically, and this works for his owners. Morty is a loyal dog, and just by sitting next to you quietly, you know that he is there to protect you and keep you company. 

Watch one of the amazing senior dog rescues videos and meet Morty and his new family here:



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