Rambo the Shih Tzu Just Wants to Play

Rambo, an adorably rambunctious Shih-Tzu puppy of five months wants the rest of the dogs to play with him, but they just weren’t having anything of it. Sometimes when puppies get overzealous with playtime, older dogs tend to ignore them and walk away. Not because they don’t want to play but either because the puppy is “being too much” or are just not in the mood. Watch the video below to see if Rambo ends up getting a playmate and witness an adorable scene of Shih Tzu playing!

As you can see from the video, Rambo is jumping up and down moving from one dog to another, attempting to get some type of playful response out of them. Rambo proceeds to run around from one dog to another trying to get them to chase him. Finally, one of the dogs responds and they end up chasing each other around a bit. As you can hear from Rambo’s barks, he was quite happy to find a playmate!


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