Shih Tzu Lacey Attempting to Play With Lexi the Blue Persian Cat

When it comes to a Shih Tzu and cat getting along together, the tolerance level changes based on the breed of the dog and the tolerance level of the cat. With Shih Tzus specifically, they don’t often come into contact with cats and may feel threatened due to how close in size they are. That doesn’t mean though that they can’t be friends, it just means that some days may be better than others. In the video below, you will see our adorable Shih Tzu, Lacey, and our Blue Persian cat, Lexi have a bit of a standoff as Lexi just doesn’t want to play!

As you can see in the video above, the Shih Tzu and cat are having a cute time together. Lexi is lounging out against the living room wall when Lacey comes up looking to play. Unfortunately, Lexi just wasn’t having any of it and let out a warning hiss to say back off. As Lexi got up to walk away, Lacey decided it would be a good idea to sniff her up which resulted in a few meows, another hiss, and a swat. Lacey just wasn’t willing to back down from Lexi’s grumpiness though and after a few seconds of deliberation decided to lift her paw up towards Lexi which promptly got another few swat responses. Lacey thought, hey we can play now and happily barks away before tearing off around the living room. Meanwhile a forlorn Lexi eyes Lacey warily.


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