Cooper the Shih Tzu Does Unusual Tricks!

We all know that dogs can learn to do a wide variety of tricks, anything from shaking a paw to speaking, to rolling over and fetching you something from the other room. And yes, a Shih Tzu doing tricks is not impossible. A lot of dogs will learn “dance moves” which are things like reversing, twisting, commando, weaving, and standing tall while other dogs will learn agility moves like hurdling, bouncing, sneaking, and jumping through holes.  In the video below, you’ll see Cooper, the Shih Tzu, do a variety of tricks that you don’t normally see from a dog.

Since Cooper loves playing with and pushing around little shapes, the owner decided to get him a shape sorter. As you can see, Cooper is able to pick up the shapes and place them in their correct holes, including readjusting them to make sure they are situated just right to fall into the bin below.  His second trick is to take yellow and blue plastic cotton reels and sort them by color into their designated dishes. His third trick, has him counting kibble treats and sitting beside the correct counter to indicate to his owner how many treats there are. He gets to eat them when he gets it right, of course! Other than this, Cooper is able to place plastic rings onto a ring holder and stack them accordingly, and even stick his tongue in and out for his owner! A Shih Tzu doing tricks is really adorable to watch.


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