Crazy Shih Tzu Releasing Pent-up Energy Is A Must Watch!

Crazy Shih Tzu

Do you think a Shih Tzu can’t scare you, just because it is a cute ball of fur? It’s time to shake off this wrong notion. You should see a Shih Tzu in his wildest mode! He will put all his built-up energy to be the tough guy and jolt you. The not so wild growls are actually meant to make a show of his sturdy nature.

C’mon now, don’t laugh away at his hard work! Can you not at least pretend to be startled for once and make his endeavour a success?

Crazy Shih Tzu

If you are a little concerned with this attitude of Your Shih Tzu pup, don’t be. Cause there is an explanation for this behaviour. Theorists over the years have proposed the Surplus Energy Theory which suggests that the energy built up in our body finds release through aimless exuberant activities of play.

This act of your Shih Tzu is a classic example of such built-up excess energy!  Also, there is another fact that he wants to convey to you, See mommy! See daddy! I am your tough guy! I can fight a stuffed toy!

Oh yes, stuffed toys. If you’ve been petting at Shih Tzu at home, by now you know how much they love soft toys. It’s their favourite playmate. And if the need arises, they will fight with these stuffed teddies or fish or what-so-ever animal it is, to prove their combatting skills.

Sometimes, there are potential rivals (you can’t see them, only your Shih Tzu can!) who threaten his territory or his stuffed teddy. You should check out this video to see how meticulously this adorable Shih Tzu tries to scare off his invisible but potential enemies.

Well, it is all to release his piled-up energy. It is an amusement to watch what crazy stances Shih Tzu perform to make a show of their ferocious vivacity!

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind. All these play activities are fine. There’s nothing remotely worrying about it. But if this sort of behaviour persists over a long time, your Shih Tzu might require a little more attention.

He might be trying to convey something to you, which is more than his play tricks. Then it’s time to ask yourself, are you giving your pup enough time and attention? Is he getting his food on time every day? Is he suffering from any discomfort that needs to be diagnosed and cured?

However, these are only very rare instances. Most of these times, your Shih Tzu simply is shedding off his pent up energy and trying to be the tough doggo! Just play along with his whims and make him happy!


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