8 Mistakes To Avoid As A Shih Tzu Parent

There is no doubt that everyone loves their Shih Tzu puppies and will never harm them intentionally. But even in this care and concern, we sometimes end up doing something that is absolutely not healthy for the pup.

So later, if you don’t want to feel bad about some of your deeds, it is time you avoid making these terrible mistakes.

8 mistakes to avoid as a Shih Tzu parent

Unlike other big breeds, Shih Tzu is comparatively weaker. Not only because of their small sizes but also they have a smaller nasal pipe and are prone to many diseases.

Moreover, they are small and very delicate both physically and emotionally.  So, it is very important to take care of them properly and ensure their healthy life.

1. Are you giving the right food to your pup?

Shih tzu parent

For puppies to have healthy growth, it is very important to make sure that the food you are giving has all the required nutrition. To start with, give calcium, vitamins, minerals and protein to encourage healthy growth. Make sure you are not giving your pup human baby food as it can be quite harmful.


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