20 Travelling With Shih Tzu Tips For A Better Journey!

“Let’s explore the world with my best four-legged companions!”

20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey. Travelling is a fun activity for you as well as your Shih Tzu! Yes, they also love to travel but truth is, they can be a bit difficult to handle. So, to smoothen your journey, you will get to know about the ‘must dos’ while traveling with Shih Tzu here. Now, your travel won’t be a stressful one; rather it will be a great stress buster! So, keep reading for a perfect trip!

20 travelling tips!

1. Tip# Prepare from beforehand

20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey-shih tzu snowy

If you are traveling with Shih Tzu, make sure that you get them accustomed to new environment from before. Take small steps like spending a night at a friend’s place or taking them to a hotel room. This will give them the space to make themselves comfortable in the new environment and will also give you the time to notice what they do in an unknown place.

2. Tip# Train for traveling

20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey-shih tzu in car

Small trips, shopping, a car ride now and then will get them accustomed to the idea of traveling. When they already know what happen and how they have to sit, behave and stay inside the car, they will be much better while traveling.


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