20 Travelling With Shih Tzu Tips For A Better Journey!

7. Tip# Pre-travel exercise

Shih tzu pre-travel
20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey-pre travel

They need to feel energetic and lively, not scared. This is why, pre-travel exercise can lift up their mood so that while traveling, they don’t feel sick or depressed!

8. Tip# Proper collar with ID

Shih tzu ID
20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey-ID

When you are going to a new place, it is best to take precautions beforehand. In case, your pup goes missing, people can contact you when they find your lost pup.

9. Tip# Microphone

Shih tzu staring-microphone,
20 travelling shih tzu tips better journey-microphone

With a microphone, it will be easier to track while traveling with Shih Tzu. These are some important precautions that you need to take from in advance.

10. Tip# Vet check

Shih tzu quality time

Get a thorough checkup done so that you can know if your Shih Tzu is unwell and get him treated in time. Moreover, the vet will give you better advice on what are the do’s and don’t! Also, carry the papers and medical history in case of emergency.

11. Tip# No extra feeding

No extra feeding-shih tzu holding a donut

While traveling with Shih Tzu, do not feed your pup with food three hours prior to traveling. Even in the course of traveling, do not over feed them with food.

12. Tip# Don’t forget the favorite toy

Shih tzu lying down

Shih Tzu loves to play especially with their accustomed toys. So, whenever you see that your pup is getting irritated, just give them their toy and they will be good to go.

13. Tip# Get a sleeping tray

Sleeping shih tzu

If they are getting way too cranky, carry a sleeping tray where they can peacefully take a nap for a while.

14. Tip# Pack their medicines
White shih tzu ready for a walk

Don’t forget to take the required medicine. After traveling for a long time, your Shih Tzu can feel sick, so it is best to keep all the medicines in hand.


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