12 Reasons – Shih Tzus Are The Best Therapists

Shih Tzus Best Therapists – 12 Reasons

Nowadays, people are constantly barging with their lives and often suffer from extreme emotional instability. Starting from stress to depression, all of these are turning out to be a major breakout problem for people. So, what could be the solution to this? Therapy is the answer. Presently, there is one therapy that is trending due to its 100% effectiveness and that’s Shih Tzu therapy!

Yes, nothing can heal you better than what your Shih Tzu does. They know you so well that even without saying anything, your Shih Tzu understands what you are going through. For this, if you consider going to a therapist, your pet canine is the best option.

12 reasons why Shih Tzu therapy is the best

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1. Shih Tzu helps to reduce stress

Shih Tzus Best Therapists
Stern Shih Tzu

It is a well-researched fact that your cuddle buddy is responsible for keeping your stress level low. Shih Tzu will interact with you so that the entire day’s stress can get reduced.

2. They will help you without any agenda

Emotional shih tzu
Emotional Shih Tzu

Your Shih companion has no hidden motive. Heard about unconditional love? Then this is it! They will love you no matter what without expecting anything. This is exactly what you need from a good therapist.


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