8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent

8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent – If you have a Shih Tzu in your house, you need to learn some serious business in learning the parenting guidance from the experts. Shih Tzu is exactly like you own baby who needs love and affection with proper parenting to grow as mature dogs in the future.

As we know that human babies fascinate the etiquettes from their parents, in the same way, Shih Tzu learns healthy habits from their parents too!

Let’s discuss few ideas and ways to be a good parent to Shih Tzu

1. Communicate to your Shih Tzu

8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent - communicate
Shih tzu sitting and staring

It may sound weird, but all dogs understand each and every word you describe to them. As a parent, it is your duty to communicate good and bad situations and habits to your Shih Tzu. Though they might not respond, they understand and respect each communication happening with their parents.

2. Bite inhibition

8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent - Bite inhibition
Shih tzu on armrest

As puppies, Shih Tzu bites do not affect anyone. But as they grow older and mature, their teeth grow into a big and sharp structure. And thus, it is important as a parent to guide them and make them understand about bite inhibition.

It is the duty of a parent to explain them and stop them from biting anyone. It might sound a tough job, but honestly, all you need to train them properly and they will never bite anyone.

3. Pat them when doing well

8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent - Pat them when doing well
Shih tzu in a ponytail

Every baby loves the appreciation he/she gets when they do something magnificent. Don’t you pat your kids when they attain good grades? Well, similar is the situation with Shih Tzu.

It is important for them to know if they did a good deed or bad. So as a parent you need to pat them for their appreciable deeds.

4. Feed them on time

8 Ways To Be A Good Shih Tzu Parent - Feed them on time
Shih tzu feeding time

At least kids have an attribute to cry and crib when they are hungry. But Shih Tzu being a dog cannot express their hunger to their parents. And that is why; as a parent, it is your biggest responsibility to feed your puppy on time.


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