Wild 7 weeks old Shih Tzus Puppies

Wild 7 weeks old Shih Tzus Puppies

Although friendly by nature, the average Shih Tzu can still be a bit stubborn. Right from puppy-hood, it is important to focus on consistent, positive reinforcement and a little-by-small approach (especially when it comes to house training). Just look at this wild litter of the Shih Tzu puppies!

Shih Tzu is famous for its happy, perky temperaments. They are friendly and lively. Shih Tzu does get along well with pet owners of all ages, other dogs, and other pets of different species. You will rarely find a grumpy Shih Tzu, but most of them are very sweet.

Nevertheless, some Shih Tzu can show jealousy, and there are cases of a Shih Tzu being aggressive toward another household dog due to territoriality. While extremely rare, there are also some instances when Shih Tzu dogs act aggressively toward their owners with growling, snapping, or even (very rarely) biting, which may need to be addressed with the help of a professional trainer

It is very stubborn, so it is a must to start practicing it from earlier ages to make it adaptable to learning obedience. The Shih Tzu is more affectionate with his companions and is often friendly to strangers. Shih Tzu is considered the perfect pet choice if you require a dog with minimal exercise needs as well as a dog living in a small apartment easily.

Playful nature also means that children can get along well with them! Some of them, however, maybe a bit “nippy” when they’re over-excited, so they’re not exactly a go-to choice if there are very small children at home.

Source: Shih Tzus are the Best


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