Two Tiny Shih Tzus Love To Play On The Couch

Play On The Couch – Shih Tzus…..They are an overdose of cuteness! With such cute silky hair and beady eyes, they will never fail to fill your heart with love. And if you have two of them, there is nothing better. Imagine walking into your house and two of your furry puppy snuggling to welcome you. There can hardly be anything better than this, can there be?  Yes, to watch them play and follow!

Your paw friend will never fail to mesmerize you! It’s true. Try playing with them and make them follow your hand, and see how surprised they will be. How can they stay busy by just following the hand? If you don’t know, then check out here. Get ready to overload yourself with adorability!

Video –

Your doggo loves you and will not leave a single opportunity to show that. They are keen to build bonds! Shih Tzus are extremely friendly pet dog who will constantly try to be close to you. One thing they respect a lot is companionship.

Talking of companionship, you will notice that your Shih Tzu has a knack to make best friends! They will either have a favourite toy or a favourite person (be thankful if you are its favourite). They will do everything to make you feel better.

So, next time you have a stressful day and nothing works, just spend some time with your Shih Tzu. As your furry paw friend stares at you, your body releases ‘love hormone’ or oxytocin which instantly tightens up your mood. Maybe this is why Shih Tzu is famous as therapy dogs!

Coming from the ancient Chinese breed to your house, they bring positivity, love, and togetherness with themselves. These jolly little puppies are perfect to make your dull life happy! Cuddle!


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