5-week-old Cali Enjoys Being Pampered After Her Bath

Here’s how you can pamper your baby Shih Tzu:

Give them a nice bath-

Shih Tzus love taking baths. Fill a medium-sized tub with water and let them play there. Lather some shampoo on their fur and rub it well. Remember not to keep them in water for more than ten to fifteen minutes. And use shampoos that are specifically meant for them.

Pampered After Her Bath

Dry them with a soft towel-

More than bathing, they like drying themselves with soft towels. What you can do is wrap them up in a towel, only leaving the face out. See how they wriggle themselves against the smooth texture of the towel and the satisfying expression on their face.

You can check out the priceless joy on this Shih Tzu’s face after taking a bath –

Just be gentle and careful not to hurt them!


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