Shih Tzu Praying Before Meal

Jaisan and Jia are brother and sister. They are the kind of Shih Tzu praying before digging in their food. They are the loveliest of Shih Tzus, and are polite, well-behaved and gracious. Their owners have brought them up and trained them well, and everyone who meets Jaisan and Jia instantly take an interest in them. 

Jaisan and Jia’s owners are religious people. Although they don’t take the dogs to church, they always teach them to be good dogs and to know the difference between right and wrong. Jaisan and Jia always pay attention to their owners’ teachings.

While you might often see dogs performing tricks like fetch, sit, roll over and play dead, it’s very rare to see dogs praying. But Jaisan and Jia’s owners have taught them how to say grace before a meal, and they do it really well. 

Every day before dinner time, Jaisan and Jia sit by their food bowls before eating. Their owners start a prayer, thanking the Lord Almighty for their meals, for Jaisan and Jia’s meals, and for providing them all with a happy and loving home. Jaisan and Jia sit on their back legs and put their front paws together and pray along with their owners. 

When they were first being taught this trick, it was very hard for them to resist the delicious food smells coming from their bowl. But over time, they learned that if they want to be good Shih Tzus, they must always say grace before they eat, and show gratitude for everything they have. 

So now, Jaisan and Jia are used to waiting and saying grace every day, and they know better than to dive headfirst into their food bowls. 

If you want to pray along with Jaisan and Jia, or teach your dogs this trick, then check out the video of these Shih Tzu praying here:


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