Diva and Abba: Two Incredibly Spoiled Shih Tzu Puppies

Diva and Abba aren’t regular Shih Tzus. They are two of the most spoiled Shih Tzu puppies in the world and belong to Ann McNeilage from Scotland. 

One morning, Ann comes into Diva and Abba’s bedroom. “Good morning girls! Today is all about you two, and I have a special day planned!” she exclaims. It’s a Saturday so Ann isn’t at work, which means that she can devote her whole day to her babies. 

Ann prepares Diva and Abba a fancy breakfast, which they’re allowed to eat at the breakfast bar with her. “Today, we’re going to go for a walk by the water, and then we’re going to come back home, play dress up, and then tonight we’ll have a movie night with takeaway”. 

Diva and Abba wag their tails with joy. They hop into their pram, ready for the day ahead. 

At the water’s edge, the girls put their little pink jackets on. They run around and play tag with each other, and say hello to the neighborhood dogs.

The day gets windy, and they decide to leave. Back at home, Diva and Abba run to their playroom to get dressed up. Today, Diva decides to wear a princess costume and Abba chooses to be a fairy. Dressing up is their favorite thing to do, and they can spend hours playing make-believe. 

Soon, the girls hear Ann calling them from the kitchen. “Dinner’s here!”. 

The girls rush towards the smell of their favorite food, chicken chow mein. They usually order takeout every Saturday for movie night, and they look forward to it every week. 

Tonight, they’re watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This is their all-time favorite movie, and the three of them get comfortable on the sofa. Diva and Abba cuddle up on Ann’s lap with some doggie snacks. The perfect way to end the day. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the daily life of Diva and Abba, our spoiled Shih Tzu puppies:



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