3 Easy And Fun Tricks To Teach Your Shih Tzu!

A Shih Tzu is extremely adorable, moody, cuddle-bud pup! Every Shih Tzu owner will experience the thrilling, surprising and out of the box things that Shih Tzu does. Yes, they are always busy doing something or the other. But while they are getting trained and start communicating with you, it is a very likely situation that you can teach your loving pup some really cool and fun tricks.

This is the perfect way to flaunt the loving relationship between you both!

3 fun tricks to teach Shih Tzu easily!

Are you ready to prep for the A-Game?

1. Kiss of love

Who doesn’t like to get kissed? Everyone does, especially when it is coming from your loving fur ball canine whom you love to cuddle. They will do it quite willingly as licking your face might be one of the fun activities for them. But touching your cheek with their nose is what you need to teach.

Here are the steps –

  • Keep a treat close to your cheek and command ‘kiss.’
  • As soon as they are close enough, remove it.
  • They will bump their face on your cheek.
  • After that, you treat them to form your hand.
  • Again repeat the same.

After a while, they will realize what they have to do to get the treat. This will be one of the really cool and fun tricks to teach Shih Tzu.

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