Shih Tzu’s First Bark

Shih Tzu’s First Bark, they are small, alert and downright amazing dogs in their own right. They are full of life and they are also known to retain their size as they grow. However, that’s not the only thing that makes them so distinct.

The Shih Tzu is also known for being one of the cutest types of dogs out there. Combine that with the amazing visual appeal that these great dogs deliver, and you will be amazed at their cuteness all the time.

Right after its inception, the puppy has its eyes closed and he can’t hear anything. The smell is also limited and the Shih Tzu won’t even make a lot of noise. However, after around 2 weeks, the eyelids will start to open and sight will become very good until the 4th or even 5th week at times.

Shih Tzu's First Bark

The sense of smell will end up being extremely good at this particular time too. This clearly shows that the Shih Tzu ends up growing really fast. What you have to note is that the puppy can easily hear very well after a few weeks, however, it’s the third week of life when the Shih Tzu puppy will start to vocalize.

Yes, this is a long process that starts with vocalizing right from the start. There will be a few challenges here, but the idea is that the puppy will take a whole lot of time until he will start barking.

The first noises he makes are more whining and even grunting noises. That’s what makes the Shih Tzu great, the fact that they have a rather simplistic, yet amazing evolution and they only get more impressive as they grow.

As the puppies start to mature, they will end up being more and more trustworthy in their power. This is why they will end up barking by the 7th and 8th-week bark. Sometimes, they will even take 10 weeks or even more, as you can see from the video linked here:

Shih Tzu’s First Bark

What you have to note is that you should never force your Shih Tzu to bark. Let this happen naturally and avoid forcing things. If you do that, you will just lead to disappointment and you certainly want to let your puppy roam free. Let him force his vocal cords on his own and start barking.

We can assure you that this will be a much more interesting and downright amazing moment that will impress you a lot. Even if your Shih Tzu is quiet, that doesn’t mean he is not preparing to bark. Sure, you may want to brag that your puppy ended up barking faster than any other puppy out there. But instead of doing that, just focus on the essential stuff.

Remember that Shih Tzus are cute and cuddly, they need your affection first. Avoid forcing them, just wait for 10 even 12 weeks if needed so they can start barking. You will definitely enjoy the experience, so leave it to happen naturally!


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