This a Shih Tzu Heaven!

What is happiness? Seeing, your Shih Tzu love having fun with Shih Tzu friends and doing some really adorable activities; that is sheer happiness! After all, when one pup staring at you can release oxytocin in the body, then imagine; what if a bunch of them is staring at you with their adorable glares!

So many of them walking, jumping, running behind each other and flaunting all those adorable coat styles. It is a sheer treat to the eyes. Moreover, you will simply see how happy your Shih Tzu pup will get. Here is something about these adorable munchkins that you should know.

Shih Tzu is an extremely social breed, and they love the company of human as well as other canine friends. If you include socializing in their training and living, it will be really great. At times, even your pup needs to feel special and being with others who are just like your Shih pup; they genuinely feel charged up. Another important reason why you should take them out is that Shih Tzu is a very emotional dog. They tend to get hurt quite easily.

If you see your pup is morally down, trying to avoid company, not eating properly; it is for sure that something is not correct. The only way to mend that is by taking them for a day out with other Shih Tzus.

Get them some cool accessories or costumes. Deck your Shih Tzu up to be a style icon and simply have fun with them. Make sure they feel comfortable and loved! Make their day out as special as they make every day for you. Build the bond stronger, better and mould it with more love!

This is something your Shih Tzu deserves. Cheer them up and see how happy and lively they turn. After all, when you do one for them, they return the favour with ten times more love.

If you want to see how they actually feel with other Shih Tzu pups, check out this video –


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