This Shih Tzu Begging For A Cookie Is The Cutest Thing You Will See On The Internet Today

When you say no to your Shih Tzu, what does it actually do? I’ll tell you; they will try to get it in any way possible. In case you still say no, they do the real trick after that! You will get to see some never seen before tricks that will make you just roll on the floor and laugh. Or you will just pick up and cuddle your canine.

But how many tricks you have actually seen them doing? I am sure several. They will try their best to entertain and please you. But there is something that Shih Tzu does naturally when asking for something. They beg! By begging, I mean ‘Literal begging’ like us. They will stand on their leg, fold their hands and start vigorously begging. It looks incredibly adorable. With those beady eyes and stare piercing right into your heart, they make you fall in love with them even more.Shih Tzu Begging

Have you realized how they have learned to do this? Shih Tzu is a very smart breed who observes everything that happens. They will try to learn and adopt whatever you do! When you hear people saying, “your dog is just like you”; it is true. Shih Tzu develops and reflects the exact nature of the behaviour that you do with them.

When you are behaving with them in a way, make sure it is friendly, and you speak well. Otherwise, the effect can be dangerous; they might stay cranky. But this also doesn’t mean that you will do whatever they want and whenever they want. This can also spoil their habits. Like, if they are asking for something that is bad for their health, no matter how adorably they ask for it, make sure you learn to say ‘No’!

If you think it will be easy to say no to them; then let me warn you, their sheer cuteness can melt any heart. Check here how they actually do this – 


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